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About Us

The Meadville Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund, Inc., created in 1968, is a perpetual scholarship. Because the cost of higher education continues to rise rapidly, disadvantaged young people are even more in need of financial assistance in pursuing their collegiate dreams. Therefore, Meadville Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund, Inc. realizes its importance in the community and continues to seek resources for the scholarship corporation.

Donations from local businesses and individuals are essential in the operation of this scholarship organization. All money received is invested in an irrevocable trust fund. The income earned from this investment is used to provide scholarships, while the principal investment remains to ensure continued income in the future.

Since 1968, the Board has awarded over 150 scholarships, amounting to approximately $325,000!Some of our scholarship recipients have remained in Meadville where they work and raise their families.

Our Mission

The mission of the Meadville Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund, Inc. is to award scholarships each year to graduates of the Meadville Area Senior High School who are bright and talented, economically disadvantaged students who exhibit the principles of Dr. King in scholarship and character. 


April 4, 1968
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, TN

April 7, 1968
400 residents of the Meadville Community attended a memorial service for Dr. King. At the service, Mrs. Bernice Bradwell proposed the establishment of a scholarship in honor of Dr. King. Eight-hundred dollars was raised to initiate the scholarship governed by the local NAACP chapter.

March 29, 1972
Meadville Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Trust was established. The incorporators were Dr. Arnold Johnson, Kenneth B. Lucas, and Webster McKnight.

October 30, 1972
Articles of amendments were filed and signed by Elizabeth Pierce-Stewart, President and Kenneth B. Lucas, Treasurer.

A Capital Fund drive was begun to make the scholarship fund perpetual. Armendia P. Dixon, Elizabeth Burnett and her children led the first drive. Next, an advocate committee was organized under the leadership of Elizabeth Pierce-Stewart, Dwight Haas, Director of United Way was appointed Chair. Other committee members included Armendia P. Dixon, President, Devon Bergholtz, Dr. Arthur Crawford, William Knapp, and Richard Rhulman. Dr. Dixon, Rev. Arthur Crawford, William Knapp and Honorable Richard Rhulman. The fund became perpetual and monies were invested in PNC Trust. The fund was later invested with the Crawford Heritage Foundation.

Under the direction of Joseph Galbo, III, the organization introduced Lift Every Voice to the Meadville Community. This program consisted of readings and music that depicted the feelings of artists across many cultural settings where we learn to appreciate each other.

The Board, in collaboration with Crawford Central School District and Allegheny college, designed and implemented Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mentoring Program for Meadville Area Middle School Students at promise.

With the help of Allegheny College, Dr. Dixon, and Professor Joshua Kazi worked alongside a student researcher to design a survey used to track recipients of the scholarship since the organization of the scholarship fund.

Scholarship Program Q & A

Q. Who qualifies for the scholarship?

A. The person who qualifies for the scholarship must be a senior in the Crawford Central School District, meeting the academic and financial guidelines.

Q. What is the amount of the scholarship?

A. There is no specific amount; scholarships are based on the yearly interest and the number of qualifying applicants.

Q. When are the applications available?

A. Applications are available in March and located in the high school counseling offices.

Q. When are applications to be returned?

A. The applications are to be returned in April, with the specific date appearing on the application.

Our Mission

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