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Meadville the Beloved Community Fair

The seventh annual Meadville the Beloved Community Fair, a passport event, returns to the Meadville Area Middle School on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 6:00pm.

Meadville the Beloved Community Fair is a showcase of agencies, government, schools, health system, non-profits, churches' mission outreach, businesses, major organizations, industries and media that impact our daily lives. It is to learn about those who make our great city happen and how they create so many opportunities for success. 


Families and other visitors begin by getting their vendor list and traveling bag. Participants will visit the various vendor tables. Travelers are encouraged to take pictures with Froggy and vendors. Then after the vendors depart, from 8pm – 8:30pm the parents and children will report to the Prize Arena located in the Commons. To enter the prize Arena, vendor lists must be stamped by representatives at the Fair. Prizes are awarded based on drawings. 

The online passport includes the program schedule and a listing of each vendor with the name of the organization, contact person, contact information and a description of the services provided by the organization. The passport becomes a reference tool for organizations to use during the year of the event and the coming year. Sponsors are showcased throughout the passport. 


If your organization would like to participate or be a sponsor, please submit your form by January 31, 2024. 











Committee members: Mr. Joseph Galbo, III, Mr. Jim Shields, Dr. Nancy Smith, Ms. Heather Curtis, Rev. Jackie L. Roberson, Ms. Traci Balsamo, Principal Jonathan Frye, Mrs. Mary Lynn Mauri, Ms. Lois Galbo, Mr. Lon Wilson, Mrs. Sara Agnew, Ms. Heather Scott, Mr. Osbaldo Meza Chavez

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