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MTBCF 2024 Vendor Instructions

We are excitingly looking forward to your organization being represented at the Fair!

  • You may set up as early as 4:00pm.

  • You will be given your table assignments once you arrive at the check-in table.

  • Tablecloths will not be provided. You are encouraged to bring your own tablecloth and decorate your table as you wish to best represent your organization. 

  • Each 8ft table will have two chairs for vendors.

  • You will be provided with stamps so that you may mark travelers passports once they visit your table.

  • If your table will need power, please bring your own 50ft extension cord. 

Vendor Pick Up and Drop Off Instructions

  • Vendors will use the back driveway entrance to doors #8 and #9 in the back of the complex.

  • Please park as close to the curb as possible to allow other vehicles to pull through.

  • You may use either door #8 or door #9 to access the gymnasium.

  • Once all items have been taken into the gym, please pull your vehicle around the driveway back to North Street.

  • Vendors will use the parking lot across the street from the main entrance.

  • At the conclusion of the evening items may be picked up using doors #8 and #9.


Please do not leave your vehicle parked in the back driveway or on North Street.


See the map below for information.

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