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Savor for Scholars,
a Meadville Heritage Celebration

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In Savor for Scholars, a Meadville Heritage Celebration, it matters to us that all outstanding high school graduates have the opportunity and financial assistance to pursue post secondary education. Therefore, this event was designed as a local response to raise money to support the scholarship fund. This year, the event will be held Saturday, April 22 at the Italian Civic Club from 6pm - 9pm. Doors open at 5:30pm. Admission is $25. 

The event will feature themed tables offering tastes from around the world. The various cuisines represented include foods from Italy, Puerto Rico, Syria, Ireland, India and Nigeria as well as various U.S. traditions. There will also be a “desserts around the world” table and awards for Taster’s Choice, Most Informative and Most Attractive Tables. Live music will be featured throughout the evening with performances by 50 Miles to Empty. Numerous prizes and drawings will be offered along with “the largest basket auction seen in a while.” Special features will include the blue garnet ring, an amish quilt, tub of wine, lottery tree, 50/50, and heritage auction gallery.  The event promises to be an exciting evening of meeting friends and sharing laughter as we support our graduates. Sponsorship levels are Lithium, Blue Garnet, Painite, Rubies and Gold.

Last year, we were able to award over $8,000 in scholarships. Savor for Scholars proceeds will increase our abilities this year to provide even more scholarships. 


Sustainability committee members are Lisa Pepicelli Youngs, Esq., Recorder;

Rev. Melissa Burnett, Dr. Armendia P. Dixon, Dr. Steve Onyeiwu, Mrs. Susan Vidoni and Ms. Susan Wycoff.

Tickets and Sponsorships

  • Admission and Sponsorship tickets available at

  • Admission and Speciality tickets available at The Woolen Mill

  • Admission tickets available from Sustainability Committee Members


If any questions, please email

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